We power the media that powers the digital world

Think about all the free content you love. Trusted journalism. Websites and apps. Streaming TV, movies, music, and podcasts. Why is it free? Because of platforms like ours.

The Trade Desk is a media buying platform that uses complex algorithms to help marketers reach the right audience with the most relevant message 
— which in turn fuels the free content we all know and love. As you can probably imagine, it’s no easy feat. We process a trillion queries a day while generating 120 terabytes of data. Every. Single. Day.

“The ad tech industry is always changing, but what makes working at The Trade Desk more fun and interesting comparatively (and why people stay here long-term) is that we’re not just reacting to changes in the industry. We’re the pioneers, and we’re leading the industry down the path we’re creating. It can feel a little overwhelming because we’re not following some pre-established playbook — but it’s even more exciting to know that we’re the ones writing it. You don’t get that at a lot of other jobs.“
EJ Koh
Senior Trading Specialist
“Even as an intern, I was able to contribute to projects that were high priority. Within my first few months, I worked to develop, incorporate user feedback, and maintain a product that brought in an additional $100+ million in added revenue for The Trade Desk. I knew from the start that I was making a difference.“
Adam Rosenstein
Software Engineer
“I started my first day working remote, and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had as an engineer. When one of my first projects kicked into full gear, we had to be agile and pivot, communicate back and forth across Engineering, reevaluate ideas and push the project forward to fruition. I wanted to come here because other places can make you feel like there’s a limit to what you can accomplish. Here at The Trade Desk, there are so many brains to pick and people to lean on — it’s collaborative, but you can also take ownership over your projects.“
Erin Boehlert
Software Engineer II, Frontend

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Ownership and scale

Our engineers own their own projects, but also pitch in on some of the world’s most complex, peta-scale data challenges. Think search engines process a lot of data? We process the global daily volume of all search platforms many times over. Now, that’s a lot of data.

Life as an engineer

Our engineers work to improve and evolve our technology while maintaining a clear focus on our end goal of fueling the open internet. They are the lifeblood of our company. It’s no cakewalk — you’ll test your abilities by building systems that handle up to 11 million queries per second and SLAs in the milliseconds. If you want to solve global tech challenges at a massive scale and truly hone your craft, look no further.

Cross-functionality and impact

Data is everything. By bringing insights and trends to the top of every conversation, you’ll have an essential impact on the success of teams around the world.

Life as a data scientist

Our data scientists work closely with our engineers, product developers, and research teams. They are the glue that holds everything together. Our engineers build solutions to the world’s most complex data challenges — you make sure it works, and works better.  

Leadership and impact

Traders lead. They build relationships with clients. They know it all without being “know-it-alls,” leveraging platform insights to solve challenges through strategic planning, buying, and optimization. When a programmatic advertising campaign is successful, thank the trader.

Life as a trader

Traders are the true platform experts, the hotshots, the ones who know it all. They work closely with our clients, advising them on how they can better utilize data analytics on our platform to maximize ROI — ensuring they get the most out of every ad dollar. Our traders not only grow within their team, but many of them also find other roles within the company — joining teams like technical account management and product. 

Decision-making and strategy

Whether it’s data, user experience, or sales — we trust our business teams to make the important decisions that improve and develop our products, services, and more. Want to flex that entrepreneurial spirit of yours? This is the place.

Life as our other tech wizards

UX, UI, sales, you name it. We have niche roles for everyone within tech. These support teams are essential in developing our capabilities. They take everything we do and “zhuzh” it up, giving it that extra little bit of shine.

An internship unlike any other

Apply for one of our global internships and dip your toes into the world of programmatic advertising. Engage with senior leadership, learn about how we tackle our biggest initiatives, and start building a successful network of industry professionals.

And if you’re worried that you’ll just be getting coffee or printing paperwork, think again. As an intern at The Trade Desk, you’ll be working on real-world projects — from ideation to implementation. We want you to build a solid portfolio as much as you do.

So what’s next? Find a career at The Trade Desk.

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