Inclusion and belonging

We embrace inclusion and belonging in everything we do — from celebrating the diversity of our workforce to making a positive impact on our industry.

Championing the diversity of our workforce

True innovation is rooted in a diversity of thought, backgrounds, and perspectives. Which is why we celebrate our diversity throughout the year, with events honoring Pride Month, Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Ramadan, International Women’s Day, and many more.

Meaningful partnerships

We partner with organizations and nonprofits that work to improve and diversify our industry, including the AAF’s Mosaic Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Brixton Finishing School, The Women in Programmatic Network, and more.

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Education and connection

We demonstrate our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment by creating safe spaces for employees to connect, learn, and share their stories.

Panel of employees at The Trade Desk on Asian + Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Global events and conferences

We’re proud to provide professional development opportunities — and recruit new candidates — at events like AfroTech, Black Tech Fest, Grace Hopper, and the Women of Silicon Roundabout.

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Bring more pride to everything you do

We seek to support, connect, and grow our LGBTQIA+ community in a variety of ways.

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Partnering to advance LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Supporting programs like Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme, Lesbians Who Tech, and myGwork helps us connect with LGBTQIA+ talent and advance our internal approach to inclusion.

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Expanding awareness and allyship

Through panels, trainings, and partnerships, we seek to provide our global workforce with a better understanding of LGBTQIA+ inclusion and gender identity and expression, and how to support queer and trans people in the workplace.

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Fertility benefits for all

We’re proud to partner with Carrot, which offers fertility benefits to all employees, regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. 

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Amplifying the representation of women in the tech industry

We work to advance women through professional development opportunities and partnerships. Here are a few of the ways we support women in the workplace.

Creating more opportunities for growth

We support conferences focused on women in tech to provide professional development opportunities for our employees and to recruit more women, especially into technical roles.

Strength in numbers

By partnering with organizations like Manara, Girl Geek, and Lucy Mentoring Program, we’re working to increase the number of women within our industry.

Women on a panel at The Trade Desk
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